Flamingo Flocking


I want to flock someone! - We would love it if you would support Striving for More in this fun way. You can place a flock of 25 flamingos for $35 or a flamboyance of 50 flamingos for $50. Simply, complete the "event" registration by following this link. Select the number of attendees based on the number of homes that you wish to flock. If you have any questions or have any difficulty completing the form, please call Flamingo Central at 919-438-1886.

I want to find out who flocked me! - Make a donation of at least $10 and place a note in the "Comments" field letting us know that you would like to know who flocked you. We will inform you through return email. You can call Flamingo Central at 919-438-1886.

I want to tell other people about the event! - Flyer Sharing Details of the Event

I have been Flocked! (Flyer Left with "Victims")


Volunteer Resources - Click here if you have signed up to be a volunteer and you need more information! If you are interested in helping us, send us an email!

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